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Terms & Conditions SpaceUp Finland– Legal Disclaimer


  1.  Organizers. SpaceUp Finland is organized by a group of individuals. The group contributes to providing program to the event and accepts no further liability or responsibility towards participants. The venue’s (Aalto University) contribution to this event is limited to providing access to and use of its facilities and accepts no further liability or responsibility towards participants.
  2. Tickets. Each participant must present to the reception desk a printed ticket (=print of registration fee voucher) and a government-issued photo ID (e.g. passport, EU driving license or national ID card); otherwise they will be refused entrance. The reception desk shall be open only during the hours designated in the schedule; participants arriving at different times may be refused entrance. Tickets are unique, for one person only and non-transferable. Loss or theft of or any other problem with the ticket must be reported by email to info(at) at least one full day prior to the date of the event. Tickets may only be purchased from the official online registration system. Transfer of ticket to any third party at any or no price is prohibited. Non-original ticket holders shall be refused entrance to the SpaceUp Finland. Original ticket buyers shall hold the Association harmless from any claims of whatever nature by third parties claiming to hold tickets not purchased through the official online registration system.
  3. Cancelation & Postponement. SpaceUp Finland is hosted on a best-effort basis and may be cancelled, postponed or modified for any reason. The program and agenda are subject to change. Participants are urged to make flexible and fully refundable travel and accommodation arrangements. The Association accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage resulting from or associated to attending SpaceUp Finland or if SpaceUp Finland is cancelled, postponed or modified in any way with limited or no notice. Tickets issued for the original date of SpaceUp Finland shall be valid for any rescheduled dates.
  4. Refund. No cooling-off period applies. Tickets will not be refunded if participants are unable to attend SpaceUp Finland for any reason or if they change their minds about purchasing the ticket. No refund will be given to participants unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled dates. Ticket price will be refunded at cost in the event SpaceUp Finland is cancelled but not rescheduled. If such a circumstance arises, participants are required to send within 30 days as of the announcement of the cancellation an email to info(at), claiming their refund. If no such claim is made in time, ticket prices will be forfeited.
  5. Legal age. Participants that intend to travel to Espoo, Finland, and attend SpaceUp Finland should be themselves or be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian of the age 18 years or older at thetime of registration. Parents and/or guardians are entirely responsible and liable for the participants under the age 18 years who they accompany during SpaceUp Finland. There will be no qualified childcare, nor any other supervision thereof. Participants should not expect that the venue facilities are equipped for childcare.
  6. Health & safety. Participants take part in SpaceUp Finland entirely at their own risk and certify that they have sufficient health, travel and accident insurance for their stay in Finland and for their activities at SpaceUp Finland. There will be no qualified physician on site during the event and the closest hospital is located at 10 km distance. Participants with health conditions requiring medication or other care need to bring any medical material or devices they need with them to the venue. The organizers accept no responsibility or liability for any accident or other health related incident occurring during the event. Please contact us by sending an email to info(at) if you have special needs and/or mobility restrictions. Although we aim to accommodate everyone at the venue, access to persons with mobility restrictions cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Safety of property. Participants are responsible for the safety of all their belongings during the event. There will be no locker rooms, safes or other similar facilities available for participants. The cloak rooms or similar facilities will not be guarded nor supervised. Delivery of any item thereto will be entirely on the participants’ risk. Due to the number of persons present at the venue during the event, participants are urged not to bring any valuables to SpaceUp Finland. The organizers accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, theft, destruction or damage to participants’ property, including participants’ cars or other transportation means. The participants are aware of the fact that they can be held responsible for any damages done to other persons as to physical damage to property due to their participation in the event. Participants will indemnify and hold the organizers harmless for any damages that shall occur in the course of the event due to actual fault or negligence.
  8. Intellectual property. All products and merchandising material used during SpaceUp Finland remain the exclusive property of the organizers and/or otherwise rightful owners, both intellectually and physically. Participation at SpaceUp Finland affords no right of whatever nature to such proprietary material.
  9. Data protection. Participants’ personal data shall be processed in accordance with the respective provisions of the Finnish law. Participants agree that their personal data shall be collected, processed and maintained in the organizers’ records for the purposes of organizing, marketing, advertising, and implementing SpaceUp Finland. They also agree that their name and country may be freely publicized by the organizers. Participants personal data may be transferred to third parties for the purposes mentioned above. Participants may refuse such transfer to third parties by sending an email to info(at) Participants shall always have the right to review and correct their personal data as processed by the organizers. Participants acknowledge that the SpaceUp Finland is not a privileged event, and by participating they agree that their image and/or voice can be recorded via photography, video or TV for archive use and for live broadcast/webcast. Recorded SpaceUp Finland proceedings will later be uploaded to Youtube.
  10. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions. Purchasers of tickets confirm and acknowledge that they have received a copy of these Terms & Conditions and that they have read and accepted their contents.
  11. Applicable law & Jurisdiction. Participation to SpaceUp Finland and all relations between participants and the organizers are regulated by the laws of Finland. If these Terms and Conditions or parts of it are deemed void, invalid and/or not enforceable, the void, invalid and/or not enforceable provision shall be replaced by a provision permitted under law which comes as close as possible to the purpose of the void, invalid and/or not enforceable provision. If one or more parts of this Agreement are void and/or not enforceable, this shall not affect the applicability of the other valid and enforceable parts of this Agreement. Any dispute or controversy arising out of or in connection thereto shall be resolved exclusively by the municipal court of Espoo.



Please submit any questions via email to info(at),

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