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10.00 Arrival and participant enrollment
10.40 Welcome, general info, grid and T-5 instructions

Guest speaker with Q&A

Esko Valtaoja: What can the universe tell us -about itself, about us?

12.00 Session grid
12.45 Lunch
13.30 Partner presentations

Guest speaker with Q&A

Esa Kallio, Aalto University: Science in satellites and simulations

14,30 Session grid
15.30 Break

Guest speaker with Q&A

Jaan Praks, Aalto University: Making Finland a space nation -cubesat launch with Aalto students

16.30 Session grid
17.30 End of day 1

Voluntary and informal group dinner (not part of official program)




 10.00 Welcome, coffee/tea

Guest speaker with Q&A 

Juha-Pekka Luntama, ESA: Space weather

 11.15 Session grid
 12.45 Lunch

Guest speaker with Q&A

Robert Nemlander, EntoCube: Edible Insects in Sustainable Food Production on Mars

 14.00 Session grid

Guest speaker with Q&A

Artemis Westenberg, Explore Mars Inc: Boots on Mars

 16.00 Wrap-up, group photo

End of event


See also guest speaker introductions!

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